Group Budget App | Manage group expenses and incomes

Group Budget



Easy to use

Create your group expense and income reports directly on your mobile during your activity (group, team, month, travel...)

Groups GroupsAdd as many groups as you want (no limit). tweet UsersFor each group you can add as many users as you want (no limit).

Total visibility

Stay on top of all the user's finances and see what's happening at every moment.

Reports ReportsGenerate your own reports for each user, then you can send the report by email or print it. Cash Flow Cash FlowTrack all the expenses and incomes for each user and check their the cash flow.

Makes your life easier

Download now Group Budget from the App Store and start using it now. One thing less to worry!

Unlocking UnlockingLock the app with a secret key so no one can check your finances even if you lose your iPhone. Categories CategoriesCreate your own categories for both, expenses and incomes. With categories all the expenses and incomes are easier to track.

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